by Downtrodder

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like a eulogy for a deceased close friend given by strangers they misremember him spitting on an empty grave I didn't lose my faith you stripped it away spitting on an empty grave I didn't lose my faith you stole it from me he didn't die for you to use him like a sword and shield he did not die for you for you to keep us all at heel we were hungry and you cut our food stamps the water’s poisoned and you’re charging for cups we were dying and you cut our health care you’re quoting scripture while we’re gasping for air I was a stranger and you turned your nose up no salvation for your kind here trade the public schools for private prisons good luck with that needle and camel you heretic if you want to follow his words they're the ones printed in red
this is the end of waiting for you to change accepting the scraps you gave and all of the other cliches when you get back from the hospital i’ll already be gone what’s done is done what's done is done repeating disappointment disaster with a grin no thought to consequences good dude backed hard i guess fool me once shame on me right fool me another 30 times making enemies, falling backwards but i’m the one to apologize? why bother saying nothing the loudest just to hear your own voice and when i needed you your backbone disappeared your mouth sewn shut your priorities oh so clear i won’t beg for your respect i’m done cleaning up your mess my time's more valuable than this whatever you tell yourself to get through the night it seems to be working just fine so please don’t call it’s you not me
Dog Whistle 01:46
To every follower and every friend who didn’t hear their call to arms who didn’t see their manifesto The silent whistle and the secret attack The army growing while the guard was relaxed Now what’s become of our old friend? Another bigot Another scapegoat What started as a cry for help is now a declaration of war It all started with a cry for help The warning signs were all ignored The edgy humor and the sexist tone Quoting headlines like a xenophobic drone Another discontented youth Another meme taken for truth Another eager young recruit Another fragile racist goon You’ll never win this fight You’ll never win this fight False sense of persecution Confusing fact and opinion Seeking out your revolution This is not your freedom fight This is not your culture war This is your indictment of progress
Pay to Play 02:14
check’s in the mail thanks for pulling the strings on another public service puppet show check’s in the mail thanks for your attention this bill just needs a few things changed it isn't what you know it's who you paid to know you sell the country out and every time we foot the bill who needs experience? even goddamn competence you've got promises to keep with hands in pockets that deep check's in the mail (thanks to your tax break) good luck on your campaign you don’t represent me you just represent your own greed greasy palms, greasy smiles as our home falls down around us striped ties and blank eyes as the pen touches the paper a vested interest with payment in kind a couple grand a helping hand and when that favor’s owed they all pick up the phone “yes sir right sir we can squeeze it in just write another amendment” why would you give a fuck about the plebs like us you don't need sympathy with a hundred fifty grand and gold plated health care it isn't who you know it’s who you paid to know you sell the country out and every time we foot the bill
bulletproof backpacks active shooter drills another cop on campus another open carry bill every month a different city the news writes itself mental illness, a lone wolf another spike in gun sales it happened again this time at a church in Charleston it happened again a hundred-forty page manifesto it happened again this time watch it live on Twitter and it'll happen again because you're doing nothing call it what it is white terrorism call it what it is white terrorism things will never change when you're pointing fingers the wrong way things will never change not with fifty million from the NRA somehow less mature than the children you let die somehow greedier somehow you sleep at night somehow less mature than the kids who watched their classmates die somehow greedier somehow you sleep how do you sleep at night
I'm not a let down I'm not a set back I'm not a disappointment I'm not an obstacle I'm not a failure I'm not a disgrace I am just human I am just human I am enough! I am enough! I am enough! I am enough! I am enough! I am enough! and that's enough for me I won't waste another minute listening to the lies my broken brain feeds me at my lowest times I am not anything that vicious voice says I will do everything to make that voice end If I can't shut it up, I'll have to drown it out Keep on screaming until I pass out I am enough! I am enough! I am enough! I am enough! I am enough! I am enough! And that's enough!


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released August 24, 2018

Amber Carr - bass
Dave Lopez - guitar, vocals
Jake Lucas - vocals
Bradley Nussbaum - drums

Recorded with Marc Critelli in New Brunswick, NJ
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth


all rights reserved



Downtrodder Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Free and affordable screams.

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