by Downtrodder

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released February 1, 2016

Kate Meyer - vocals
Dave Lopez - guitars, backing vocals
A. Mary Carr - bass
Bradley Nussbaum - drums

Recording and Mixing- Marc Critelli, New Brunswick NJ
Mastering- Azimuth Mastering

Album art by Dave Lopez



all rights reserved


Downtrodder Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sound of the summer for girls in an industrial wasteland.

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Track Name: Jawn 8:5
if your savior comes back will he be proud
will you look him in the eye when you say
"i deceived millions, i inspired killings
and tweeted my thoughts and prayers the next day

"harass threaten intimidate humiliate
this is how we 'interpreted' your gospel

"we know you won't mind
some of us have twisted your words a little bit
but you know we did the right thing
they must die so something else might live

"we didn't pull the trigger or pour the gasoline
but those edited videos, they pulled the right strings"

if your savior comes back will you tell the truth
drop the innocent act cause you know
know exactly what you're doing
and i think He's on to you too

your place in hell is waiting

this is where rhetoric gets you
no isolated incident
this is just what you wanted
don't you pray for them

where is your sense of compassion
did you skip that sunday
what will you say to your savior
on your judgment day
Track Name: Miller Lowlife
with that look in his eye
he'll be drinking til the morning light
and she'll have to choose
between Fight or Flight
she begs me, "please just stay the night"
a week's passed since i slept at home
but with that edge in his voice
only a fool could leave her alone

her eyes drop
her voice stops

every excuse is more far-fetched
burned herself cooking? yeah i bet
so what's that shudder
each time she sees him light a cigarette
when hops-fueled lightning crashes down
he'll swear that strike came from the ground
he could blame her for silence
when he said not to make a sound

her eyes drop
her voice stops

the words aren't hers they're well rehearsed
when he's not around the secrets slip out
how she fears every sundown
he boozes up, pushes her around
til she just accepts, til she shuts down
and even as she speaks, i see it happening now
and i know i gotta get her out

with that look in her eye
she'll be waiting out the morning light
and i'll have to choose
between what's easy and what's right
i'll pull you close to my side
i will not leave you here to die
together we will escape this unending night
i believe you
Track Name: Killswitch
flip the killswitch cause she's going for a ride tonight
and there's no point in running once she's got you in her sights
she's coming to get you
she knows all about your lady, you ain't treating her right
so come on little war boy, let me see you put up a fight
she's coming to get you

you made your choice, your witness stands
you raised your voice and then your hands
sadistic boy, you will never grab the sun
she will retaliate first

now you're running and she's coming up behind you
what'd i tell you, furiosa's gonna find you
now you're roadkill, a mancake on the pavement
she's crashing through the desert without even a rim bent

flip the killswitch cause she's going for a ride tonight
and if you think you can outrun her, well you better hope that you're right
she's coming to get you
she's got her war rig running and there's nothing to do
so watch out little war boy, gonna get what's coming to you

when you die we live again
Track Name:
what's it like to live a trigger-free life

can you please explain the joke
cause i don't seem to understand
and i doubt you realize
the power in your hands
you can use this microphone
to uplift, to expand
but it's easier to punch down
it's more fun to offend

you think we haven't heard this?
your seth mcfarlane bullshit

two points for your pedophillic rape joke
half a point for every "slut" or "whore"
add it up, it equals you're an asshole
you're not edgy, you're a bore
we all came here for some shelter
but you're tearing down the walls
with your constant tosh point garbage
you can't include us all

i didn't come here to be your running joke
i didn't come here to be your punching bag